BREAKING: Joe Kelly Suspended 8 More Games For Tatis Jr.’s 3-0 Grand Slam

Joe Kelly has been suspended for 8 more games for his role in Fernando Tatis Jr.’s 3-0 Grand Slam. The announcement comes after the conclusion of an MLB investigation into the controversial event in question.

Fernando Tatis Jr. delivered a Grand Slam on a 3-0 swing with the San Diego Padres up 7 runs against the Texas Rangers in the 8th inning. Robert Manfred immediately launched an investigation, following the event. “In the MLB, we maintain the highest standards of decency and competence. It is absolutely ridiculous to allow young players to play and have fun with the game”, announced Rob Manfred in a press conference.

The MLB investigation has led to Joe Kelly, who was suspended 8 games for not cheating, to be suspended an additional 8 games.

“While absolutely no evidence nor logic points to Joe Kelly being at fault, the MLB investigation has unanimously decided that Joe Kelly was at fault”, said commissioner Rob Manfred in a press release. “We pride ourselves in being consistent with our disciplinary actions. Given our recent decisions, this was the best course of action to take.”

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