Lucas Giolito Suspended For 10 MLB The Show Games; Caught Using GameShark

After a winter dominated by the Astros and Red Sox cheating scandals, fans and players were hoping for a break from that by embracing the latest entry of the MLB The Show video game franchise. Those hopes were dashed upon a shocking discovery: cheating can be done in virtual baseball, too.

Another cheating scandal has rocked the MLB, this morning, as the Office of the Commissioner announced that it would issue White Sox pitcher, Lucas Giolito, a 10 MLB The Show-game suspension.

Commissioner Manfred revealed the detailed findings of a classified investigation into Lucas Giolito’s game files. The findings show that the White Sox ace had employed the use of a GameShark Pro to enhance his performance in MLB The Show 20.

Suspicions mounted when Giolito defeated top player YourFriendKyle in a head-to-head game. Investigators noted suspicious mishaps and animations in the gameplay between the two.

“We noticed that the players in the game were going through absolutely nonsensical animations that prevented them from occasionally making routine plays. We also noticed that certain batted balls weren’t generating their expected outcomes; barreled balls would inexplicably result in routine fly outs, and routine fly balls would result in home runs”, detailed the investigation’s lead. “After assessing the contents of Giolito’s game files, we found discrepancies and manipulations consistent with that of the GameShark Pro software.”

It was found that Giolito would use the GameShark software to improve his ability in the game, while also reducing his opponent’s abilities by forcing their players into compromising animations. It was also found the Giolito used the software to enhance the ability of his Road To The Show character, Davey Jones, a native of the Pacific Ocean.

“Our findings show that Lucas Giolito’s use of a GameShark Pro is in violation of the MLB’s Performance Enhancing Software policy and warrants a suspension”, concluded the lead investigator.

The announcement sparked a wide range of responses.

“I KNEW there was something fishy about the game we played!”, explained YourFriendKyle. “I knew there was some [expletive] happening! I figured I was getting [expletive] sideways and was getting the [expletive] end of the stick.”

Giolito announced that he would not appeal the suspension, and issued a public apology. “I just want everyone to know I’m very sorry about my actions. I’ve damaged the integrity of more than just my game files.” Giolito also added that “it will never happen again. In fact, I got rid of the GameShark. The Astros bought it off me immediately after learning it was capable of.”

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