Furloughed Phillie Phanatic Takes Second Job As FedEx Driver

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the economic effects have been widespread as many people have found themselves either terminated or furloughed from jobs their employers can no longer afford to pay.

This week, one particular case hit close to home, for the town of Philadelphia, as the economic downturn has affected one of their most beloved city icons: the Phillie Phanatic.

On Monday morning, residents of Philadelphia noticed excessive tire screeching and fast driving before they saw a sight that struck a cord in them: the Phillie Phanatic delivering packages in a FedEx truck.

The Philadelphia Phillies organization confirmed that they were forced to temporarily furlough the Phillie Phanatic as a cost-saving measure while the MLB season is being continuously postponed. “It’s a very sad occasion when you have to tell one of your long-time employees that you can’t afford to keep them on, for the time being”, said a spokesperson for the Phillies.

A representative for FedEx confirmed the story, saying that the Phanatic was recently recruited as a driver for the delivery service. “We’re very happy to offer such an iconic character employment during these trying times. We’re hopeful he will bring the same energy and spirit from his previous job to his role as a driver deliveryman- no, wait… deliverypers- no, that’s not right… deliveryTHING for FedEx”, commented the FedEx representative.

The Phillie Phanatic was last seen attaching an unidentified hydraulic system on the roof of its delivery vehicle.

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