Mookie Betts Accidentally Wears Jai Alai Gear For Red Sox Game

Reigning AL MVP Mookie Betts has proven to be the athletic equivalent of a Renaissance Man. However, last night’s events showed that keeping track of his ever-expanding athletic ability is hard, even for him.

On Wednesday’s game versus the Oakland A’s, players and coaches became aware that Mookie Betts had worn the wrong gear for the baseball game; he had accidentally donned complete Jai Alai gear, from the helmet to the hand-basket.

Jai Alai is considered an extreme sport, first played in the 14th century, where two players bounce a ball off a wall (similar to racquetball) with ‘cestas’ where the ball can travel to speeds up to 188 mph.

“I knew something was up when he caught a line drive using that ‘cesta’ of his, instead of his normal glove,” explained fellow BoSox outfielder, Andrew Benintendi. “I know Mookie plays a lot of sports, but I think maybe he took on a bit too much, now.”

“I must’ve messed up my schedule, or something,” said Betts, still wearing his Jai Alai gear. “I would change to my Red Sox uniform but I think it was sent to Japan, by mistake, because my backup gear, here in Boston, is my sumo loincloth.”

Growing up, Betts was a standout basketball and bowling player. He was named league MVP in his senior year of high school basketball and has also bowled a perfect 300 game in the PBA World Series of Bowling. Since then, he has continued to explore and master other athletic ventures, including, but not limited to:

  • Undisputed World Heavyweight, Middleweight, and Welterweight Boxing Champion (all at the same time).
  • Three-time FIFA World Cup Champion.
  • Record-holder for longest bull ride at 8 hours and 17 minutes.
  • Seven-time World Quidditch Seeker Of The Year.
  • First skateboarder to successfully perform a 1080 aerial spin.
  • Record-holder for most consecutive skydives performed without a parachute (a streak that is still active).
  • Successfully climbed Mt. Everest, Mt. Fuji, and Mt. Kilimanjaro in the same day.
  • Two-time Tour De France champion and only champion to have won the Tour De France and pass the drug test.
  • Only known person to have successfully surfed multiple tsunami waves.

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