Scheduling Glitch Has New York Teams Play In Wrong Home Stadiums

Game scheduling is more art than science for Major League Baseball. Such a thing was reaffirmed by today’s events.

Wide-scale confusion erupted, earlier today, as a glitch in Major League Baseball’s scheduling program caused the two New York-based baseball teams to play home games in the wrong stadiums. It was reported that the Yankees accidentally went to play a home game in the Mets’ home, Citi Field, and the Mets accidentally went to play a home game in the Yankees’ home, Yankee Stadium.

Spokespeople for the Yankees reported that they had just realized they were in the wrong stadium when their players took the field after multiple innings. “This dump isn’t our home,” explained the Yankees spokesperson during an impromptu press conference outside Citi Field. “We realized something was up when our players didn’t receive the Roll Call and that the fans weren’t being their usual obnoxious selves.”

The Mets, on the other hand, noticed the mistake earlier than their subway rivals. “I knew immediately that something was wrong,” explained the Mets spokesman to our reporter. “The second I saw that we were selling Bud Light cans for $13 dollars, I knew something was amiss. It’s not like the Mets to siphon off money from the fans. Everyone knows that. We don’t siphon off money. We siphon off HAPPINESS from our fans.”

Players expressed their experiences upon realizing the mistake.

“The moment I realized what had happened was when I noticed that my pop-ups to left field weren’t going over the walls for home runs,” recounted Aaron Judge, the Yankees slugging right fielder.

“It was a déjà vu moment, for me,” expressed Mets second baseman Robinson Cano, who played nine seasons for the Bronx Bombers. “It was odd. All of a sudden I couldn’t stop smiling. It was as thought I knew I was at a place I shouldn’t have left. It reminds me of the time when I had it made before it all went downhill, for me. I mean, VERY downhill. Like, ‘falling off a cliff’ downhill.”

Both teams were herded to their respective subway stations to make their way to their appropriate home stadiums.

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