Marcell Ozuna Struck With Sudden Feeling To Play “The Floor Is Lava” And Loses

An odd crossover of games occurred Tuesday night with very unfortunate timing.

During last night’s Cardinals-Dodgers game, Cardinals left fielder, Marcell Ozuna, was suddenly struck with the feeling to play the popular children’s game “The Floor Is Lava.” Unfortunately, said desire struck in the middle of a play where Dodgers’ batter, Kike Hernandez, hit a fly ball towards him.

The moment is seen where Ozuna, struck with the urgency to escape the non-existent deadly-hot lava, hustles towards the outfield wall and began his climb to safety. Unfortunately, he wasn’t safe for long as he lost his grip and faceplanted into the imaginary lava, losing his impromptu game of “The Floor Is Lava.”

As these events transpired, Kike Hernandez’s fly ball landed in front of Ozuna and bounced out for a ground-rule double, courtesy of the unfortunate timing for the Cardinals.

“It’s unfortunate, to say the least,” expressed Cardinals manager, Mike Shildt. “I understand that the feeling to get away from the lava is strong. Trust me, it happens to me all the time in the dugout. We are helpless to it. All we can hope for is that, when the feeling comes, it doesn’t come in the middle of a play.”

Ozuna is currently undergoing treatment for imaginary third-degree burns all over his body. He is expected to not miss any games.

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